Wednesday , 24 April 2019

Neteller & skrill verifaction problem new user.

Hello Dear neteller & skrill user

Neteller & skrill verifaction problem new user.We know neteller & skrill is popular payment gwtway in this word. But recently new costumer face some problem to create account New user can not verify theres  account and theres account has been permanently

New user submit real document but neteller & skrill new verifaction team all document has been reject

Without any resone

All costumer angry with neteller & skrill verifaction team..coz

Coz Recently neteller & skrill update theres verifaction team member

That’s way face this problem

This problem solve as soon as possible. (1 week)

If your account closed with out any resone then please contact with skrill & neteller coustumer meneger

Theres always help you


Skrill contact mail :

For skrill Vip member:

Phone Number :   +44 20 3308 2520



Neteller Contact mail:

FoR Neteller vip member : VIP@NETELLER.COM

Phone Number :  +44 20 3308 9525



Thank you for read this post….         



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